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Baseus Amblight Digital Display Quick Charge Power Bank, 30000mAh, 65W, w/retail package


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Baseus Amblight Digital Display Quick Charge Power Bank, 30000mAh, 65W, w/retail package

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●Supports charging for mobile phones, Notebook computer, tablets and other digital products, with 3 inputs, 5 outputs, PD3.0 Dual Way Quick Charging, 60W large power Input, 65W output, digital display power display screen, real time current, voltage display, etc..

●Large capacity: long-lasting battery life, can charge the phone about 10 time.

●Type-C port output power is up to 65W, Type-C port still maintains 45W output when multiple ports are charged at the same time.

●The QC fast charging interface has an output current of up to 5A and a power of up to 30W, which can realize fast charging for mobile phones such as Xiaomi and Huawei. Compatible with QC 3.0, PD 3.0 and other fast charging protocols, and support Samsung S20 45W fast charging.

●Support two independent fast charging, which can provide fast charging for two devices at the same time.

●3 types of data cable charging ports, just bring one cable when you go out.

●Comply with international air transportation standards, apply for consignment, and take the flight with peace of mind.

●Over voltage protection, short circuit protection, over-heating protection, over current protection.

●Capacity: 30000mAh/3.8V(114Wh)

●Micro Input: 5V=2A;9V=2A;12V=1.5A;18W (Max).

●Type-C Input: 5V=3A;9V=3A;12V =3A;15V= 3A;20V=3A;60W (Max).

●iP Input: 5V=2.1A

●USB4 Output: 5V=4.5A;4.5V=5A;5V=-3A;9V=3A;12V=2.5A;20V =1.5A;30W (Max).

●USB1/USB2/USB3 Output: 5V=3A;15W (Max).

●USB1/USB2/USB3+USB4 Output: 5V= 3A;15W (Max). 

●Type-C Output: 5V=3A;9V=3A;12V=3A;15V=3A;20V=3.25A;65W (Max).

●USB1/USB2/USB3+Type-C Output: 15W+45W

●USB4+Type-C Output:18W+45W

●Total output: 5V=6A

●N.W: 535g

●Product size: 145*65*38mm 

●G.W: 668g

●Packing size: 166*121*45mm

●Package List:Power bank*1; User Manual*1; Warranty Card*1; 5A E-marker Charging Cable*1

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